My List

I humbly present to you my overwhelming, ever evolving, completely ambitious to do list. In other words – here is a list of the things that I am going to do. These are not words to be followed with a wistful ‘hopefully’ but definitely. These are goals that I am actively working towards and will complete. I have no doubt that I will cross every item off this list, though I’ll never actually have them all crossed off. You see, this list will be added to whenever another ambition strikes at presumably an incredibly daft hour.

Let’s do the things we cant.


Go skydiving

Go bungee jumping

Go to a trampoline park

Be an extra in a Hollywood movie

Road Trip America

Travel solo

Travel with friends

Take family on trip

Go zorbing

Sleep under the Northern Lights


Create a blog    (18.02.2017)
Get 100 page views on a month

Learn how to play guitar

Get into Photography


Sell cupcakes for a cause

Raise £5000 for a charity

Donate to Great Ormond Street

Hand out 50 flowers in one day

Give 20 pizza boxes to homeless on the street


Run half a marathon

Run a marathon

Join a gym

Run everyday for a month

Be able to do the splits


Graduate University

Get married

Celebrate my 5Oth wedding anniversary

Own a house

Become a mum

Raise a cat

Be a bridesmaid

Go wedding dress shopping w/ Rahma

Pass GCSE’s


Go vegan for 6 months

Learn to use a skateboard

Start up a charity

Get over a phobia

Publish a book


Finish the entire Quran

Go to Mecca

Educate self more

Study all Abrahamic religions


Visit New Zealand

Visit Rome

Visit Turkey (Properly)

Visit Dubai

Live in another City

Live in another country