Evil And Suffering

The photo above is one that the photojournalist Kevin Carter took of a young girl in Sudan attempting with all her might to reach the food centre as the vulture you see standing by, simply waiting for his next meal. Everybody was told not to touch the girl in fear of transmitting disease.

The photographer took the photo and soon left. The fate of the child is left unknown…

I remember hearing about this girl a few years ago at a lesson in school, causing me to sob my heart out as soon as I reached the welcoming of my bed. Remembering this young girl now makes my heart fill with sorrow and my mind to wander.

Do you remember the first time you saw Terror?
The first time you witnessed pain or suffering?

My first memorable experience was when I was only young through the classic news channels you can’t avoid. I remember witnessing cries of civilians, the blood of children, and the chest aching sobs of mothers who held their still eyed children against their breast.

War, Poverty, Horror, Disasters, Illness, Pure sadness…

All of this seemed so foreign to me at the time. I never understood the power certain leaders controlled. I never knew the destruction a few could create. I never knew there could be such blurred lines between Good and Evil. I suppose I always saw a silver lining in every situation, much like most children. To me, there were only ever the goodies and the baddies in the movies. But, maybe the good side doesn’t always win in reality….

In truth, I still don’t understand the majority of that list. For I am one of the lucky ones. You are too, most likely. I could never fathom the true feeling of hunger or loss and terror. I am simply too damn blessed, and I will never understand why I can be tucked into bed with all my privileges, whilst a child only an ocean away won’t ever experience enough days with glee filled eyes as their next morning is never a promised tranquillity.

Strangely enough, this knowledge makes my heart consume with guilt if I ever feel myself slipping into self-pity. I know I am in a much better position than so many others to simply allow my heart to wallow in pain. I am not saying it is wrong to recognize the flaws in one’s life, but not recognizing one’s privileges must be one of the worst cases of ignorance to exist.

So, why?

Modern Society leaves no argument against the two categories of evils that surround everybody simply waiting to pounce. Natural Evils are by definition as when ‘ no non-divine agent can be held morally responsible for its occurrence ‘ which seems to be why people across the globe suffer from occurrences nobody can help, such as Volcanoes.

Contrastingly, there are Moral Evils which again by definition are ‘the result of any morally negative event caused by the intentional action or inaction of an agent’ in other words; what human beings manage to throw on themselves.
None of this answers my initial question. Why? This all contrasts everything most religions believe about an Omnibenevolent or Omnipotent God that people subject their entire lives to. Understandably, religion can be a sense of hope as it provides a warm sense of meaning amidst the chaos of life. I would know, as a believing Muslim I live my life, trusting God with all my troubles. I have faith God has great plans for all his creations.

However, why are all his creations made to suffer so badly then? Why are some able to feed in luxury, whilst others only taste rubble? What’s the bloody point of it all? Carrying his instructions in a medieval manner, telling us that we are all to do the same through its blurry curves. Yet, some can only witness destruction as they plead for simply anything while they cry out at the moon fearing for tomorrow’s fate, and the rest of us are able to live in a comfortable state with the optimism of a wonderful future.

So, what about the ones who go by each and every rule of the book? Or, the ones who cry out praying for a meal to feed their children?

There is so much suffering and so much pain. Most of which society has resulted to causing it a normality or ‘That’s just Life’ to excuse their selfish ways or drown out their guilt. Nobody wants to believe they could be an accomplice to another’s anguish. However, maybe we are at fault. Are we doing enough?
Time and time again we learn about atrocities in the past, present or even ones predicted for the future.

And whilst I don’t know who to blame; Ourselves, God, Ancestors or the damned human cycle we all follow. It could be a mixture of all. However, I am tired. There is no good enough reason for the tragedy we’ve endowed onto this magnificent Earth.

Let others troubles be a source of motivation to better this Globe, so hopefully coming generations don’t need to see suffering so early.


19 thoughts on “Evil And Suffering

  1. Aye this is acc really good yet so true, like, it’s got me thinking harder than I think in RS 😂 But 👏🏼👏🏼 It was really good mate


  2. You can see, whilst reading, that the the writer has clearly thought out what to write and has even said who took the photo of the young girl, ‘Kevin Carter’. This shows that the writer feel’s very passionate abut the topic and wants to share her opinion on it. Also, when it says, ‘causing me to sob my heart out’, it surprises you because you wouldn’t really expect the write to have heart in the first place as it’s Sammmar Shihab, and just by looking at her you would think that she’s a sadistic emo who loves Eminem, however reading this makes you feel sympathetic towards the writer.

    Finally, when the writer starts to question God’s actions it kind of makes you question Sammmar’s existence because as a Muslim and child of Allah you, Sammar Shihab, should not be questioning what God does and why he does it okay? What would your parents say I’d they saw this huh? Anyway proceeding with what I was saying, maybe it’s God’s way of testing us peasant human being to see if we are actually kindo hearted enough to help those you are less fortunate. Have you ever thought of it that way huh Sammar?

    In conclusion I think that the writer did a great job in expressing her opinion and the way the whole thing way written and presented was really well done, it also shows you another side to miss Shihab which we as her friends don’t get to see often, so thank you for that.


  3. Party don’t start till I walk in… finally managed to read it!! And damn, am I blown away. I honestly have no idea what I’m meant to say other than it was really well written, and emphasises really important points that people should definitely be asking themselves. Your way of writing is so different to you in real life not going to lie… but it’s amazing all the same. Well done my g, keep doing you.


  4. What an absolute masterpiece, truly beautiful and the ideas and thoughts illustrated are really significant and are issues that should be addressed more. Well done Sam Sam.


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